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We specialize in residential plumbing and commercial plumbing repairs, we have several crews so we can take care of your emergency same day in most cases. Don’t have an emergency?  We can set up an appointment at your convenience.

 If you are having plumbing problems with leaking faucets, poor water pressure, or you’re upgrading a new kitchen or bath fixtures, let Southern Plumbing offer you the solutions and expert installation you deserve. We also service Sugar Land, Missouri City, and greater Houston metropolitan area.

Please contact us at 281-561-6326

Latest News

Leak Detection in Houston Doesn't Have to be a Hide and Seek Game

Posted April 14, 2014 by James York

Leaks are often thought of as obvious water bursts or apparent breaks in plumbing that can be shut off quickly, but actual leak detection in Houston often proves to be anything but easy. In fact, many water leaks tend to be hidden behind internal separation walls, finished drywall, and similar partitions where the problem as well as the growing damage cannot be easily seen, if at all. Only the obvious leaks under accessible cabinets usually get an owner’s attention early. Yet when the damage grows to a serious level, then the hidden leaking pipe problem suddenly becomes visible.

Read more to learn why leak detection in Houston doesn't have to be a hide and seek game
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