Nov 142016

Your first thought when your water heater starts leaking is probably going to be the expense that you will have to replace it. While that is likely going to set you back a pretty penny, especially when you think about permits and installation costs, there are some other expenses that you need to think about […]

Oct 212016

Water leaks can damage everything in the vicinity of the leak. Some leaks can be repaired without too much work, but if the pipes have reached the end of their life or are damaged beyond repair, there is a chance that you will need to have the plumbing repiped. Because of the work that is […]

Aug 122016

A leaking pipe demands immediate attention. Some homeowners might try to fix the pipe with temporary fixes, but those fixes are just that — temporary. Eventually, the temporary fix will fail and you will be left with a problem that is likely worse than the original leak. Instead of wasting your money and time on […]

Jul 202016

The cost of replacing a hot water heater is often thought of as a one-time cost that won’t have to be paid again until a new hot water heater is needed. Technically, that might be the case; however, the cost of the water heater replacement extends far beyond the initial expense. Initial Expense First, let’s […]

Jul 122016

The temptation to repair or replace your water heater as a do-it-yourself job might be great. Even if you are handy, you should still make sure that you fully understand the scope of the project before you decide that you are the right person to do the job. Replacing a hot water heater might seem […]

Jun 162016

You’ve discovered a pool of water under your hot water tank or worse, the entire area is flooded with gallons of water. If the tank on your hot water heater is leaking, then it may be time to replace it. Choosing a replacement may feel overwhelming when faced with all the decisions you have to […]

May 262016

Most people have uttered the phrase, “it’s just water,” when talking about a spill. Water seems harmless, and if it spills, it can be easily wiped up. Leaks, particularly water heater leaks, are much more serious. They can cause severe damage to your home. It can also lead to difficulties for those who live in […]

Apr 242016

A leaking pipe in your home can lead to serious and costly issues. Some homeowners might be tempted to repair leaking pipes on their own instead of hiring a licensed plumber. While a do-it-yourself job might seem cheaper in the beginning, it can often lead to a more costly repair down the road. When you […]

Mar 262016

Hot water is one of the necessities of living life for most people. You need it to wash clothes, wash dishes, and take a bath or shower. Many people don’t think much about hot water until they turn on the tap and nothing but cold water comes out. When you aren’t able to get hot […]

Jan 012016

If your water heater is reaching the end of its lifespan – or if you’re having more and more problems with the performance of your water heater, whether it’s having trouble heating your water properly or it is no longer able to provide enough hot water to your home in an efficient manner, then you […]