Nov 142013

An electric water heater spraying water on the floor is not something you want to have happen in your home, as you need experts in leak detection for Houston water heaters to fix most normal problems. Yet you can inspect the water heater unit yourself to determine the main problem as you may be able […]

Nov 072013

You can read about a variety of problems with a water heater in Houston. While many people don’t think about their hot water heater until they cannot get hot water out of the tap, you don’t want to wait until this happens. By getting an inspection here and there, you can avoid a variety of […]

Nov 052013

A tankless hot water heater can provide you with years of enjoyment rather economically; however, these units do need some maintenance on them from time to time. The website wikiHOWrecommends taking the following steps when maintaining and cleaning your water heater in Houston so that it will last as long as possible without needing repairs. […]