Dec 172013

There has been a lot of talk on home remodeling blogs, magazines, and television shows about upgrading your existing system to a tankless hot water heater. But, what are the benefits of making this change in your home? A tankless hot water heater (also called an instantaneous hot water system) does not utilize a water […]

Dec 122013

Sewer replacement and sewer backups are common, and the older the system is, the more likely a homeowner will realize a serious or catastrophic problem. Issue can be caused by root and pest intrusion, corrosion and aging of pipes, clogs and sediment blocking, and earth pressure as well. Think sewer pipes like an artery going […]

Dec 102013

Sewer drain cleaning is an important aspect of the maintenance of your home. If you properly care for your sewer drains, you will decrease the risks of flooding in your home. When your sewer system backs up into your home, it can create serious problems because of the moisture, as well as the sewage. This […]

Dec 052013

When homeowners need work on their plumbing in Houston, sometimes the most difficult part is finding a quality plumber. There are several different levels of training and expertise when it comes to plumbers. For example, an apprentice plumber is in a program, often run by a union, to receive training and education in the field. […]