Mar 282014

A water heater leak can be a worrisome event. In many cases, these start out small, with a small leak from the spigot or from the base of the system. Then, they get larger. In other cases, the leaks are large from the start, often rushing to fill the area with the contents of the […]

Mar 262014

Are you looking to purchase a water heater near Houston? You should look no further than Southern Plumbing. Southern Plumbing offers service to businesses and home residences, so no matter how big or small the job, it will get done right the first time. 24-hour service is available in Sugar Land, Missouri City, and the […]

Mar 142014

A gas leak in Houston might initially be confused with the not-so-fresh smell of your home’s sewer system acting up. That’s because of the “rotten-egg” smell that is added to natural gas for the express purpose of warning of a leakage of the otherwise odorless gas. As such, at Southern Plumbing, we frequently get called […]