Apr 302014

New homebuyers experience major headaches with the plumbing in Houston homes if they are interested in remodeling the house. And the older the home is, the greater the chances that the plumbing will be in serious disrepair. So when a person goes to look at an older home as their next fixer-upper project, they must […]

Apr 302014

A professional sewer drain cleaning can remove clogs so water and other liquids run smoothly through your pipes. Yet what about smells? You walk into your bathroom and the foul odor smacks into your nose, sending you into a cleaning frenzy as your scrub everything from the bath tub tiles to the toilet. Unfortunately, the […]

Apr 142014

Leaks are often thought of as obvious water bursts or apparent breaks in plumbing that can be shut off quickly, but actual leak detection in Houston often proves to be anything but easy. In fact, many water leaks tend to be hidden behind internal separation walls, finished drywall, and similar partitions where the problem as […]

Apr 112014

When it comes to saving money on your plumbing, the number one thing to do is avoid repairs. To do this, you will need to hire a professional plumber when you notice a leaking pipe as well as when any other issues arise. There are also many other tips you can follow to ensure your […]