May 212014

Do-it yourself-plumbing can save money but when the job goes horribly wrong, it can cost a fortune. Even repairs that seem easy can go wrong when an inexperienced homeowner uses the wrong parts or does not use the right tools. Our trained plumbers come with the right tools and experience to solve any plumbing problems, […]

May 142014

Southern Plumbing Services LLC offers superior leak detection in Houston as well as leak repair, in addition to being able to provide all other types of necessary plumbing services. Southern Plumbing Services, LLC is the plumber to call when accurate plumbing work, including he detection of leaks, is required in Houston. Their comprehensive services include […]

May 072014

Many people are considering the investment in a tankless hot water heater and with good reason. These systems have become a go-to solution for those who wish to lower their overall heating bills because they replace older, larger tanks. In a traditional hot water heater tank setup, the system continues to run to heat the […]

May 012014

If you are looking for a safe and clean sewer replacement, you will need to find a company with experience and training to handle this service for you. Replacing and cleaning a sewer is not the type of job that you can do yourself unless you have been trained in the details of sewer repair. […]