Jun 232014

Periodically, you experience plumbing problems that don’t go away on their own. This is when you want to rely on a plumber to diagnose the problems and tell you what needs to be done. When sewer replacement is mentioned, you want to know about the prices so that you can handle the replacement at the […]

Jun 172014

Sewer drains are responsible for collecting all of the not-so-nice things that leave your home on a daily basis. The sewer is then emptied and the process begins all over again. Sewer drain cleaning has to happen on a regular basis to ensure everything flows the way it should. When problems arise, that’s when you […]

Jun 092014

There are always going to be problems in your house that you can fix – and some that you cannot. Even when you can fix the problem, you have to ask yourself whether you should. Plumbing in Houston can be complicated and if you don’t fix the problem properly, it could come back to haunt […]