Aug 252014

Plumbing is a rarely discussed, but regularly utilized, necessity in every home. Those searching for help with plumbing in Houston, or a gas leak in Houston, can often become discouraged or confused, and don’t know where to look for answers to their plumbing questions. Southern plumbers is a reliable, trusted, and knowledgable company that is […]

Aug 182014

Question: When should I consider leak detection in Houston? Answer: There are several factors that may indicate there is a leak in your home or yard. If you see discolored drywall in the home where water or sewer pipes run, you may have a leak somewhere. Also consider hiring someone to detect leaks if there […]

Aug 112014

A water heater leak may seem like a small inconvenience, however, when left unattended a simple water heater leak could turn into some costly home repairs. Over time even a small amount of water can cause huge amounts of damage for floorboards, flooring, even electrical problems can result from water sources that are ignored. Walls […]

Aug 042014

Do you think you have a gas leak in Houston? If you are a homeowner or business owner, and believe you have a gas leak, do not wait to leave the home. It is very important that you take steps right away to remove yourself, your family, and your pets from the environment until you […]