Where Can I Find Sewer Drain Cleaning Service?

If you want to know where to find excellent sewer drain cleaning services, contact Southern Plumbing. We have been serving the Greater Houston area, Sugar Land and Missouri City since 2004 with our exceptional plumbing services. Our crew consists of a highly qualified team of technicians that are capable of handling just any plumbing issues, big or small. We only use quality brands in our work and the workmanship you receive is hardly matched by anyone else. Our plumbers are bonded and insured, for your protection. Whether it is residential or commercial, our crew is ready for the job. We guarantee our work 100 percent. Our team can discover if you have a slab leak or need drain leak repairs. We also restore trenchless pipes. Whether you need sewer replacement for a leak, a fresh water leak or a drain leak, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to address the situation properly. We can use traditional methods for excavation as well as solve complex slab leak repairs. Additionally, we also use cast-in-place epoxy pipelining, or trenchless plumbing technology, as an alternative for fixing foundation leaks. This also minimizes excessive digging and lowers the costs well. Our crew will also look for tree roots, one of the most common problems when dealing with cleaning sewer drains. They grow through the bell of the pipe, and cause sewer stoppage as a result. This can lead to multiple problems, including health issues. Read more on sewer repairs here - http://ezinearticles.com/?Sewer-Repair&id=7340113. When you want to know where to find sewer cleaning services that are affordable and conducted by a crew of professionals, look no further than Southern Plumbing. We have what it takes to solve your sewer problems. Our crew is always up to speed on the latest technology in sewer lines and we use the right tools for the job. Read here on what tools are needed for excellent sewer repairs - http://www.ehow.com/list_6627127_sewer-cleaning-tools.html.


What is an Average Sewer Drain Cleaning Cost?

The average cost of sewer drain cleaning can run anywhere from $142 to $157. This cost includes local materials, equipment delivery, and service provider transportation to and from the job site. Other costs include:

  • Preparing the worksite for cleaning
  • Protecting existing structures, finishes, materials, components
  • Cleanup and debris removal
  • Labor time, mobilization time and minimum hourly charges
Their cost estimates are calculated using average material costs, unit labor productivity rates and the national average for hourly labor wages.

Who Offers Affordable Sewer Drain Cleaning?

For affordability, Southern Plumbing is again the right answer. We work with our customers on pricing, so they can enjoy affordable plumbing services without having to pay too much. Our pricing is upfront, so there are never any surprises. No hidden fees or overcharging, just great service at a reasonable price. Other places might be able to do the job, but charge excessively or put in fees that nickel and dime your wallet. You can expect us to be forthcoming about prices from the very beginning and we will never surprise you with anything you were not expecting. When you need plumbing in Houston for replacing sewer lines, leaks, pipe repairs or other related issues, contact Southern Plumbing immediately. We will answer the call promptly.