What is the Average Water Heater Replacement Cost?

How much does water heater replacement cost? That is a question most consumers want the answer to and for good reason. The average water heater replacement cost can run anywhere from $600 to $800. Read more about that here – http://www.homewyse.com/services/cost_to_replace_hot_water_heater.html.

Since 2004, Southern Plumbing has provided reasonable water heater replacement cost for its clientele in and around the Greater Houston area as well as Sugar Land and Missouri City. We fix plumbing issues in both residential and commercial locations, install and/or re-route sewer lines, tunnel for underslab sewerlines, and are certified tankless water heater installers. We also provide affordable water heater replacement. The cost of a water heater should be the reason why you are denied continuous hot water for your home or business. Plus, the service we provide is never below average. Our team has undergone extensive training, so they know how to address multiple plumbing repairs as well as installation. You will never have to worry about their capabilities and they are always respectful and courteous.


How Do I Calculate Hot Water Heater Replacement Cost?

Calculating the replacement of water heaters is easy once you find the right source. For example, you can go to the U.S Department of Energy’s site on energy efficiency and renewable energy and enter information to arrive at a price. Here is the link – http://www1.eere.energy.gov/femp/technologies/eep_waterheaters_calc.html. If you are looking for ways to lower the cost, consider purchasing a more efficient and energy saving water heater. For instance, a tankless hot water heater can lower energy costs while providing an incessant supply of hot water. Southern Plumbing employs workers that are tankless water heater certified installers. Energy Star Rated water heaters are known to be 15% more efficient than ones that are not rated.

How Do I Compare Average Water Heater Replacement Cost in Houston?

One way to compare the average cost of replacing water heaters is by doing some in-person shopping or you can look online for sites. Southern Plumbing will assist you in finding the right water heater at the right price. We also believe in being upfront with customers about the pricing. Our customers know how much the cost is going to be with no surprises. By building this type of relationship with our customers, many call upon us when they need a water heater in Houston, Sugar Land or Missouri City.